As a small business owner looking to explore content marketing, who should you listen to when everyone out there is advocating for themselves? 

Below are three common myths you’ll often hear when it comes to content marketing. 

However you choose to go about your own content marketing strategies, make sure not to fall prey to these myths!

“All you need to do is invest in it once.”

Your content marketing can be short-term or long-term, but it cannot be a one-time thing. 

Like all things in business, results take time. Content marketing is a long-term game that provides compounding returns over time. 

Remember that one of the main goals for content marketing is brand awareness. Unlike sales which are immediately measurable, brand awareness is built over time – and the results stay longer too.

“Just keep publishing more often.”

Often, you’ll hear marketers saying that you need to publish every day or even several times a day (of course, this depends on what type of content you’re publishing).

Let’s take blog posts for example. While there are pros to upping your publishing frequency, it’s not just the volume that counts.

Quality triumphs quantity, so generate content that’s uniquely valuable. Equally important – change it up if it’s not working!

“Your business doesn’t need content marketing.”

Believe us when we say, all businesses can benefit from content marketing.

While that may be rather controversial, remember that content marketing isn’t just limited to Instagram stories or Youtube videos. 

No matter how “boring” your industry, good marketers would know how to make content marketing work for you. 

Sell plastic packaging B2B? Invest in an informative website and write SEO-optimised content on how consumers can compare plastic packaging, the various types and use cases etc.

Content marketing can bear a heavy burden for small businesses who have too much else on their hands. But you can leave all your content marketing needs in our trustworthy hands! Get in touch with us at [email protected]