The world of social media marketing undergoes changes every year, and, as with any popular concept, here are three commonly-held beliefs, debunked. 

1. I need to be active on every social media platform

Just because there is an abundance of social media platforms available doesn’t mean that you should be on them all.

Firstly, it’s really time-consuming to stay active and relevant across a variety of platforms. Secondly, if your customers aren’t on them regularly – it’s also a waste of your time. Rather, do some research on each platform and see where your audience is the most active. Then target those platforms exclusively with quality content.

That’s because it’s always better to post consistent, relevant content regularly on a few platforms than spread yourself too thin and risk losing customer attention.

2. New platforms like TikTok and SnapChat aren’t professional 

These platforms may be targeted at the younger generation, but they can be very valuable if used correctly.

These platforms offer unique strategies for brands. You can easily create a TikTok challenge that may spread like wildfire and get customers to buy your product, or even create a SnapChat filter that allows your customers to directly engage with your brand.

3. I need to have a large number of followers to be successful

Although having a lot of followers can be good for your social proof, it doesn’t mean that your strategy is effective. 

The aim of a social media strategy is to drive conversions, increase site traffic, or turn your audience into brand advocates. This can all be achieved with a fairly small number of followers. Rather keep a small number interested than have a large following with no real interest in what you’re posting.

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