There are coaches – and then there are master coaches. 

Edward Zia, from Excellence Above Coaching, fits into that second group.

Edward is a marketing mentor and master coach who reached that elite level by doing more than 10,000 hours of coaching.

The mission of Excellence Above Coaching is to “create master persuaders”, according to Edward. 

And what makes his small business so great? “My passion, energy and the way I inspire people,” he says.

Excellence Above Coaching is one of those small businesses that believes strongly in content marketing and social media. It publishes videos and articles on LinkedIn and Facebook. It also hosts live webinars.

Excellence Above Coaching also takes its marketing offline, with regular Meetup events.

“Give people value and they come over,” Edward says. “I love helping people with content, LinkedIn, Facebook, pitching, personal selling, Meetups, live webinars and more.”