Would you rather spend time with mates around the barbeque this weekend, or work on your content marketing strategy? 

Most small business owners don’t have time to spend on content marketing during the week. They are too busy keeping the wheels turning, and dealing with customers. If this is you, you’re not alone! 

That’s why a good content marketing strategy optimises your time, and works FOR you. Helping you save precious hours to spend with friends and family. 

Here are the top 5 dos and don’ts of content marketing for small business owners. 

Don’t: Just wing it

Do: Have a plan and a strategy in place. Following a plan helps you build a professional, consistent online presence. It also helps you juggle all of the different content marketing platforms more effectively. 

Don’t: Just focus on one type of content

Do: Diversify your content, and make sure your content can be reused on different platforms. This saves you time as well as costs in content production. Blogs can be condensed into Facebook posts, and key ideas can be turned into Instagram stories. Your blogs can also form part of your email marketing content.  

Don’t: Assume you’re reaching your target audience

Do: Analyse your content marketing results and check to see who you are reaching. Use the data to tweak your content until you’re getting the results you want. If you’re new to content marketing, this could take a few weeks or months to get right. But it’s a key factor in an effective small business marketing strategy. [

Don’t: Try to do everything at once

Do: Work within your capabilities and resources. If you only have a limited amount of time to work on your content marketing, rather focus on QUALITY not quantity. Don’t put crummy content out there, as it will ultimately reflect badly on you and your business. 

Don’t: Feel bad about asking for help

Do: Reach out to professionals who can develop a strategy to help you get the most out of your marketing budget, and your available resources.

If you’d rather spend your free time with friends and family this weekend, get in touch with the expert team at Hunter & Scribe [email protected].