The COVID-19 crisis has meant incredibly tough times for Australian small businesses. Almost overnight, turnovers disappeared and the future became very uncertain. 

As a lender specialising in small business financing, Capify quickly saw the impact this would have on their clients. To help, they built a dedicated Business Support Hub to support and guide their clients through the crisis. 

It’s crammed full of relevant and useful content including:

  • Details of the federal and state government financial assistance packages 
  • Marketing resources
  • A local marketplace
  • Industry-specific information 
  • Free online courses 

On top of this, Capify hosted a COVID-19 webinar to take SMEs through all the available government stimulus packages with the assistance of a business accounting firm. 

And while Nandita Graham, Senior Marketing Manager of Capify, calls this a super successful campaign this was never about lead generation. 

“For us, it was about offering our clients and other SMEs much needed support. It’s part of our commitment to supporting the small business community – working together to get through this challenging period.” 

A winning content marketing strategy 

Capify is so on top of their marketing game, it’s probably easier to list the channels they don’t use, than the ones they do. But regardless of the marketing type they use, Capify always makes sure to focus their content: 

“We segment the content based on the audience it’s most relevant to, ensuring they find it engaging and helpful” Nandita explains. 

Capify’s biggest marketing challenge is analytics. They are working towards cleaning up their data, so they can analyse it better and turn it into actionable insights.