Many small business owners know that blogs are useful marketing tools. But not many have taken the time to investigate the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of the art of blogging for business. And who can blame them? They have businesses to run.

So what is the big deal with blogging anyway, and how does it play a role in small business marketing?

Well, simply put, if you don’t have any content out there on the Internet, search engines are going to struggle to find you. That means all the people in Australia who search for products and services online are going to miss out on the opportunity to meet you. 

Posting content regularly reminds search engines that you exist and ensures that potential clients and customers can see what you are all about. Search engines are like scanners, skimming the web for useful information that will add value to the questions to which people seek answers. If you post great blogs regularly, search engines will become accustomed to your site adding value and begin to feature your content in more and more searches.

There is the temptation when you find out that you need regular, fresh content, to simply write a bit of jargon, throw in a couple of keywords, slap on an image, and post a quick blog. 

This is a dangerous premise. 

Search engine algorithms weigh the value of all content that is posted. If your content doesn’t weigh up it simply won’t get featured. If you are not taking the time to post good blogs you are wasting your time.

What’s the difference between a good blog and a bad blog?

Apart from obvious things like catchy headings, impeccable spelling, great grammar, an attractive layout, and the correct use of white space, there is the often neglected, yet most important element of value. Only the best blogs add value to the mega-load of data that already exists on the internet, as well as adding value to those who are searching for specific data or information.

On the other hand, even though spelling, grammar, and layout are important, some people are inclined to read over typos and forgive a formatting error – that doesn’t necessarily make for a bad blog. Nope, a bad blog is one that was simply churned out for the sake of content creation with no thought to adding value to the life of the readers.

A good blog is like a good cake. It looks attractive, consuming it is enjoyable, and it leaves you feeling satisfied.

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