It is no secret that content marketing is vital for your small business to thrive in this day and age. There is a secret to getting it right, though. Not all content is equal, and therefore, not all marketing is successful. 

So how do you get the results you’re aiming for?  

The benefits of content marketing (when done well): 

  • Your brand is seen 
  • Your brand is recognised 
  • Your brand becomes familiar
  • Your brand is acknowledged 
  • Your brand becomes trustworthy

And … 

  • Your content highlights pain points 
  • Your content creates touchpoints
  • Your content solves problems 
  • Your content adds value
  • Your content generates conversations 

So, what’s the secret? 

Stop thinking of them as leads and start thinking of them as conversations

What is a lead if it isn’t the start of a conversation?
Make it personal!

When you start thinking of your clients as people rather than things, your content marketing will become real. 

The secret is empathy. 

People have problems – your product or service is a solution.

People have needs – you can fill the gap.

People like to be entertained – you have what it takes.

You may be the solution to their problem, but it’s not about you – it’s about them. 

When you have empathy for your client, and when you design your content marketing with them in mind, you will have discovered the secret to successful lead generation. (But, in keeping with the theme of this blog, let’s call them conversation starters, shall we?) 

When you have mastered the secret, this blog about customer retention will also help. But, in the meantime, if you need any help with small business marketing, contact us.