Peter and Amanda Aloupis are the husband and wife team behind Green St Property, an award-winning real estate company in Newcastle. Both are solid leaders with a very fresh take on the industry.

“Property is our passion, it’s what we do best and we apply our authentic and honest approach to delivering on our clients’ needs. We envisage every home and client as a small business that needs our professional advice and support in order to thrive. We go the extra mile to ensure that every home is matched with the right person and people feel they belong.”

They are constantly looking at ways to be innovative, as they like to set themselves apart from the herd. And one of the ways they stand out from their rivals is through their marketing.  

Connecting with their community 

They recently ran two amazing community based social media initiatives. 

The first was a community drive for physical resources for victims of the recent bushfires. They used their office as a drop-off point and partnered with a local charity who arranged distribution.  

The other was a massive giveaway they coordinated with a range of other local businesses in Newcastle for Mother’s Day. The idea behind the campaign was to help fellow small businesses stay stable during the COVID-19 pandemic.   

Community presence has always been a priority for Green St Property, who regularly give back to local charities and local groups through charitable donations and sponsoring events.  

Marketing machines

Peter and Amanda go all out with their marketing efforts, using the following to promote their small business: 

  • Blogs 
  • EDMs
  • Social media including Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram  
  • Paid social ads 
  • Linkedin Posts 
  • Media Advertising – billboards, small site activations in shopping centres, radio, local media outlets/groups (major and smaller)
  • Networking Events
  • Cold Calling 
  • Community Representation 
  • Custom designed signboards and advertising material
  • SEO 
  • PR
  • Website

They’ve seen some great successes with paid social media ads. 

“In today’s market, it’s important for any brand to strategically target their audience and what better way than through social media? 

“To be able to appear in the hands of our community while they are swiping and scrolling is incredibly powerful – even if it is not a solid lead, we still know we’re building great brand awareness throughout the community we operate in.”

As a small business, Green St Property want to set themselves apart from the competition and this is mainly represented in the way they brand themselves

“We want to be different, we want to explore options that no one in the industry is using – everything from the types of signage we use to the material we use for letterbox drops is strongly considered before we implement them. If we brand differently than most, we will stand out”