Capital Residential is a boutique real estate agency focusing only on sales, operating in the Canberra region. And what makes them particularly interesting from a marketing perspective, is their embrace of all things social. 

“We customise clever, cost-effective marketing strategies that achieve premium results through maximum exposure” Director and Residential Property Specialist Cory McPherson says. 

This strategy has been so successful, they’ve completely moved away from traditional forms of real estate marketing such as print. 

“It offers us a higher level of engagement and interaction with our prospects which we were not able to achieve during the reign of print. We can now compete with bigger companies and reach the same audience. Previously with print, we could not compete as our purchase costs were higher,” Cory explains.  

No stone unturned

As you may imagine, Capital Residential’s digital presence is impressive. Cory markets the business through:

  • Blogs / Vlogs
  • Quarterly Market Review per suburb
  • Facebook posts
  • LinkedIn posts
  • Instagram posts
  • YouTube videos
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Email marketing
  • Flyers
  • Booklets
  • Warm calling

Facebook Ads has been their most effective marketing tool to date.

“We love how we can easily put carefully crafted visuals and target the right audience,” Cory says. “We then use the real-time analytics to plan, strategise and justify our client’s return on marketing investment.” 

While they’ve had lots of success with paid campaigns, generating traffic and leads using organic promotion is still challenging.