For a masterclass in small business marketing, look no further than Independent – an award-winning full-service real estate company operating within Canberra and the surrounding regions. 

As their full trophy cabinet attests, Independent is on top of their game and not just with their marketing. They’ve led the ACT real estate market in performance and innovation for 40 years. Managing Director John Minns puts that down to “a culture based on continual improvement and great client experiences.” 

Information is everything 

Independent’s website is chock full of relevant, helpful and interesting content that provides value whether you’re a seller, buyer, investor or renter. There’s a blog that’s regularly updated, ebooks, and client testimonials galore. All of this continuously reinforces the message that Independent are the experts when it comes to property in Canberra. 

In addition to this, John markets the agency through: 

  • Social media 
  • Organic and paid at brand and offices levels 
  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn 
  • Google search and display advertising 
  • Print advertising (properties and brand) 
  • Email marketing 
  • PR 
  • Property flyers, brochures etc. 

They get the most leads from their automated email marketing campaigns. The content of these is again always focused on providing value to the customer rather than a hard sell. 

“We’ve found that quality, one-to-one communication that delivers a clear benefit to the client is a strong platform for delivering leads,” John says. 

Automation allows them to scale the campaigns, increasing their ROI further. 

How to do it better than your rivals

Independent’s biggest marketing challenge is standing out in an incredibly crowded online space. 

As John puts it “many real estate agencies are getting savvier with their online marketing, so it becomes a case of how do we do it better? So we’re relying on data a lot more than we used to in order to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and to optimise them.”

 John also wants to improve how they target their audiences over the next few months: 

“Real estate is such a broad market. How do you find those that are ready to sell now? What are the behaviours that we can identify and how to we target that in a valuable and powerful way?”