If lifting the pressures of creating consistent content while still retaining and engaging your customer base sounds too good to be true – you’d be wrong. That’s the magic of user-generated content.

User-generated content is exactly as it sounds. You’re not creating the content, your users are. And it can be anything created for any type of online system that is then made public. This type of content is essential for small business marketing. 

But why would your customers create content for free? And how does this benefit your business?

Why do users create content?

  • To express their opinions, thoughts, and points of view
  • In order to gain an incentive, such as winning a contest
  • For their personal five minutes of fame

The pros of user-generated content

  • Reduce the workload associated with content generation
  • Improve your reach, trust from the consumer, and engagement with your target market
  • Save time that can be better spent elsewhere in the business

The cons of user-generated content

  • Negative content may be uploaded and may require mitigation
  • Consistent monitoring to assess the implications of user-generated content
  • Your business won’t own the images or videos 

How to get users to create content

  • Host a contest where users upload photos of themselves using a product with a brand-related hashtag
  • Offering incentives for reviews and testimonials
  • Creating an AR lens or filter and asking users to post selfies using a brand-related hashtag

Small business owners are constantly looking for fresh, new ways to generate content, and this is where user-generated content is exceptionally valuable. 

By engaging your users directly and encouraging them to upload content to your site or social media, you are extending the reach of your marketing with little effort. 

Coming up with a campaign to encourage user-generated content may be an uphill battle, especially for small business owners. So, outsource your content marketing to the gurus at Hunter & Scribe! Contact [email protected].