While most people believe that print marketing is slowly dying out, there is still so much potential for small business marketing in print. 

Done properly, brochures, flyers, postcards, posters and booklets can serve as an eye-catching form of small business marketing.

However, before venturing into print media, it is important to determine what type of print marketing is right for your business. Consider your target audience demographic, as well as the printing and distribution costs.

The pros of print marketing

Speak directly to your target market

Let’s say you run a local business. In that case, direct mail in your suburb can be an effective way to reach your target market.

Or if your business has a bigger footprint and operates in a specific niche, ads in trade magazines can be a great way to speak directly to your potential customers.

Enhance your credibility

People regard print marketing as more credible than digital marketing, because it can be touched and even smelled.

Also, because the share of digital advertising keeps rising and the share of print advertising keeps falling, print now stands out like never before, which provides a further credibility boost.

Get physical with your customers

People are more likely to remember reading posters, flyers or magazine ads than online banner ads. Why? Because they’re more credible than their digital equivalents.

Also, your booklets, brochures, postcards and the like can sit on people’s coffee tables for a long time, keeping your small business fresh in their minds.

The cons of print marketing

Stuck in the past

Some people consider print marketing to be outdated. If your small business plays up its cutting-edge credentials, going digital might be a better bet.

Expensive to distribute

Distributing print marketing is far more costly and time-consuming than sending out digital marketing, especially if your audience is large and dispersed.

Hard to get right

Print marketing can look cheap if it’s not properly designed or contains spelling mistakes. 

If you’re unwilling or unable to do a proper job with print, it’s probably better to go digital.

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