Greenline Home Loans is an award-winning finance brokering firm with a simple, but very effective, formula for growth. 

High customer service standards combined with the teams’ expertise, market knowledge and industry experience equals satisfied clients. These satisfied clients spread the word about the business, bolstering their reputation. This, in turn, leads to new business so that the whole virtuous circle can start again. 

A network built for success

Greenline Home Loans best marketing efforts to date are their networking efforts. They regularly meet with other industry professionals such as builders, real estate agents, accountants, financial planners, and solicitors.

Connecting with these professionals is important because “we provide a service that supports their clients and supports their business,” mortgage broker Alon Spitzer says. 

“On top of that, we also offer a referral fee which is a nice gesture to support those who support our business.”

Their online presence 

In addition to these networking events, Greenline Home Loans use printed and visual media as well as regular posts on social media. Their Facebook content uses a nice mixture of images and videos that help catch people’s eyes as they scroll through their feeds. 

And while Greenline Home Loans doesn’t have a blog, their website is chock-full of relevant and useful content including an extensive FAQ page, 

Alon agrees that getting to the top of Google search is highly important for business growth and recommends working on SEO and other strategies, such as Google reviews, to help achieve this.