Like most small business owners, Leah McIntosh is a very busy person. Her small business, Mrs Sheen, Sparkle & Clean, provides a cleaning service that brings sparkle and clean to people’s homes and offices, carpets and windows. And as the only employee of the business, everything is down to her. 

The business has been up and running since 27 June 2019, and since then it has grown primarily through referrals and return custom. She wows her customers so much with her attention to detail, they just have to recommend her to all their family and friends. 

Referrals are an incredibly effective form of marketing especially when you’re in the service industry. They prove your small business does great work. 

“When people look for domestic cleaners they pay attention to their friend’s opinions,” she says. 

Leah has also had some success running specials on Facebook Ads, but this has unfortunately provided her with few return customers. Her Facebook page is a masterclass in marketing the product behind the product. All her content focuses on the main benefits of her service – the extra time her customers will have to themselves to do what they love rather than cleaning.  

Other marketing channels she uses include cold calls to real estate agents, letter drops and a Google My Business page.  

The downsides of being a sole-trader

Describing herself as “technologically challenged” Leah would love to educate herself more on social media. But as a one-woman show, it’s incredibly difficult to find the time.   

“My biggest challenge is myself. When I am busy working it is difficult to find the time to do all the preparation work to make my business more successful,” she says.