When people click on your website, they are usually looking for something specific. They’re visiting your site with purpose and for a reason. Can you see it? Their eyes scan the headings and content, picking out the keywords they’re looking for. 

You can help them find the right information by including an FAQ page.

Why small businesses should have an FAQ page on their website

A well-structured FAQ page helps three things:
1. Your SEOAn FAQ page boosts SEO when your answers are linked back to the related content on your website – this is called internal link building. Plus, concise answers that include links to additional information can be selected by Google as featured snippets – on the first page! 

2. Your customer Visitors benefit from the readily available answers to their questions. Knowing that the answers are supported by website data will help establish trust in your brand. To learn more about improving your customer’s user experience (UX), read this article

3. Your brandA good FAQ page answers questions about your industry, not just your small business. This provides an opportunity for you to establish yourself as an expert in your field. 

Tips for writing effective FAQs

The most important thing is not to use your FAQ page as a dumping ground for homeless content. Like every page on your website, this one should be well structured and customer-centric, the same as all your small business marketing. 

  • Only include questions that customers are really asking and don’t use business jargon.
  • Group similar questions together.  
  • Provide examples, illustrations, or infographics where necessary. 
  • Allow a ‘search’ option to make it even easier for your site visitors to find the answer. 

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