Do you want to target an even wider audience through marketing, increase your website traffic, and establish yourself as an expert in your field? Yes? Then it’s high time you start a blog!

Any small business’s marketing efforts will be bolstered by a consistent and relevant blog that offers unique and interesting content to its readers. 

However, there is a difference between a good blog and a bad blog, and you need to study up on the differences if you want blogging to be a valuable marketing asset.

A good blog will:

  • Be regularly updated 
  • Contain interesting content relevant to both your brand and target market
  • Incorporate multiple types of media including video and infographics to make it stand out
  • Have an organized and clean layout
  • Incorporate read-on sections, related article sections, and a simple menu

A bad blog will:

  • Be updated inconsistently, not according to a set schedule
  • Be text-heavy with few pictures and no other types of media content
  • Be messy or cluttered
  • Look confusing with no clear segways to other articles or links to more content

A bad blog, or not utilizing a blog to its full potential, will cause potential customers to click away from your site, adding to the bounce rate, and decreasing your ratings. 

A good blog, on the other hand, will increase site traffic, increase the time users spend on your site, and lead to a dedicated and loyal following that sees you as an expert on the subject matter relating to your brand.

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