Whether your small business provides products and services for customers in Perth or Paris, content marketing is KEY to your success. An effective marketing strategy ‘works for you’ while you work for your customers. 

Here are the top content marketing tips every small business owner should follow:

1. Be clear about who you are and what you do

Have a consistent theme throughout your communication channels which clearly highlights who you are and what you do. This helps you target paying customers, and establish yourself as an expert in your field. 

2. Plan, plan, plan

Small business marketing is not just about writing a blog once a week, or purchasing an advert in The Sydney Morning Herald. Develop a marketing schedule for the next 6 months. While this may take some effort to conceptualise, it will help save you loads of time and stress in the long run. 

3. Quality tops quantity EVERY TIME

A strategic marketing plan focuses on quality content over ‘chatter’. Marketing is not just about creating noise, it’s about building a solid reputation. Highlight your unique expertise as a way to upsell your products and services. A great example is this Animal Wellness clinic in Brisbane.

4. Create strategic content that solves problems

Every piece of content should be strategically crafted for a specific goal; a sales pitch, information blog, community e-mailer, or a social media post. The common theme is on how you can solve your customers’ problems with your expertise. But the delivery of that information should be tweaked for every goal. 

5. Diversify your content creation

Different people consume information in different ways. Broaden your reach to potential customers by creating diverse content. Use video, infographics, clever visuals, and quality written content to capture their attention. 

6. Use tools effectively

There are as many tools for small business marketing as there are kangaroos in the outback. The trick is using them effectively. These include social media, Google ads, and tools that help you optimise your content for search engines. 

7. Get help

Your content marketing strategy should work for you while you carry on doing what you do best – offering a quality product/service to your customers. If content marketing is taking up too much of your time call in the experts. 

The Hunter & Scribe gurus can help you with your content marketing. Reach out at: [email protected].