We’ve all heard the adage that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. While it’s a cliché, that doesn’t mean it isn’t true – especially when it comes to small business marketing tactics. We live in a visual culture. 

When it comes to promoting your small business, photos are an essential component, whether it’s for use on your website, blogs, social media or other marketing material. 

Photos get people’s attention. 

  • Content with images get 80% more views than those without 
  • On Facebook, including a photo with your post will increase engagement levels by an average of 65%

Simply put, content needs imagery. But, if you’re not a good photographer, where do you source images? 

Google? While it might be tempting to use images that you source on the internet, don’t. 

These images are under copyright. Copyright is an automatic right that’s granted to the author as soon as the work is created. If they discover you’ve used their work (without express permission) then you’ll hear from their lawyer pretty darn quickly. 

Instead, visit a free stock photo website. While some of them vary in quality, we’ve rounded up our favourites below. All these sites offer photos with a universal CC0 license. This means you can use them for whatever you want. You don’t even have to credit the photographer (though it is good manners).

  1. Unsplash. With over 300,000 beautiful, high-resolution photos you’ll be spoiled for choice. 
  2. Pixabay.  As well as photos, you can find free vectors and illustrations here all under a universal CC0 license.
  3. Pexels. One of the joys of Pexels is how well organised and searchable their collection of photos is. You can also find free stock videos here. 
  4. Reshot. They have a massive library of free photos that you won’t find anywhere else, all without the ‘cheesy vibe’ you sometimes get with standard stock sites. 
  5. Librestock. Rather than having their own collection, Librestock is a search engine for 40-plus smaller free stock sites – all of which specialise in CC0 stock photography. Using Librestock saves you the hassle of searching them individually.   

Taking a dive into any of the above sites will inspire your next bout of content creation. 

However, if you find your words aren’t doing justice to the photography, or you’re unsure what a vector is, there is a solution.

Contact us at Hunter & Scribe. Our team of experts can handle all your small business’ copywriting, graphic design and web development needs.