Even the best copywriters make mistakes. If you don’t have another set of eyes to check your copy, there are some great tools available to scan your work for errors. We recommend the following grammar and proofing tools to help improve your content writing. 


Grammarly is one of the most popular grammar-checking tools. It can be used in MS Word, Google Docs, Gmail, MS Outlook, as well as with social media and content management applications. 

The free version provides basic corrections to grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The premium version checks fluency, readability, clarity, and conciseness. There is also a business subscription that allows for 3 to 149 users, so everyone in your small business can benefit.

Hemmingway Editor

Hemmingway Editor is another popular tool for copywriters who strive for brevity in their writing. This app will highlight unnecessary words, overuse of adverbs, complex sentences, and passive voice. 

It features two modes: writing and editing. The writing mode has a clean unobtrusive interface so that you can focus on composing copy without distractions. When you’re ready to revise your copy, switch to editing mode and follow the highlights. Different grammar issues are highlighted in different colours.

Slick Write

Slick Write is a useful proofreading tool that’s free. It checks spelling, grammar, and stylistic errors. It will highlight overly long sentences, help shorten paragraphs to tighten copy and provide a readability score. Note that because this is a free tool, it integrates with fewer applications and doesn’t offer as many features as paid grammar tools. 


Copyscape is a must-have tool to check for plagiarism. If you use freelancers to write your blog articles, Copyscape will check that the copy they submit is 100% unique. Google doesn’t tolerate duplicate copy and may penalise your website by lowering its ranking in web searches. That can negatively affect traffic to your site that, in turn, can reduce sales. A quick Copyscape check can avoid that.


If your business uses Microsoft products, WordRake integrates with MS Word and Outlook. It enhances the built-in spell-check function by identifying redundant words and cutting unnecessary phrases. As an in-line editor, it will highlight grammar problems as you write using the track changes feature. WorkRake is a great option for composing professional business communications and marketing emails directly in Outlook. 

These five grammar tools will help you produce more polished content. If, however, you’d prefer to relinquish the job of content writing to someone else, we can help. For content written by expert copywriters, contact [email protected].