If your business doesn’t have an online presence, growth is going to be slow. Ecommerce statistics show that 89% of customers start the buying process with an online search. That’s why every small business must have a website. For it to be an effective website, it must have these four elements. 

1. Clean design

A cluttered website is a turn-off and can lead to a high bounce rate. A bounce rate is the number of people who land on your website and immediately leave. Don’t bombard visitors with too much text, clashing colors, or litter your website with ads. A clean simple design is more attractive and makes it easier for visitors to navigate the site.

2. Make your services clear

Your home page should clearly state what your company does and list your services, preferably above the fold. Consider adding a video explaining what you do. Customers dislike having to search for information. With a video, all they have to do is click play. A short well-produced video can increase conversion rates by as much as 80%.

3. Easy to find contact details

Have you ever browsed a website and wanted to get in touch but couldn’t find contact details? You’ll be surprised by how many businesses overlook this small but important detail. With no way to contact you, you lose customers. Place your contact details in a visible spot, ideally at the top of your page. 

4. Content that’s optimised for search engines

Once you’ve nailed the aesthetics, it’s time to make your website easy to find. Search engines crawl the web looking for relevant keywords. That’s why every small business needs to master SEO (search engine optimisation). Identify the keywords most used in your industry and include them on your website. To help boost SEO, create a blog and keep it fresh with regular content. 

Website design is best left to the professionals. Hunter & Scribe can create a website for your small business that’s both easy on the eye and easy to use! Contact us for web design services at [email protected]