The first thing customers see when they engage with a company is the logo. That’s why every small business needs a logo. A logo represents your brand and portrays its personality. But designing a logo isn’t easy. Get it wrong and it can make your business look amateurish. For a professional logo, these 4 elements need to be present in the design. 

1. Simplicity

Don’t try to be too clever when designing a logo. Sure, a cleverly designed logo is great, but being too abstract, intricate, or cluttered doesn’t achieve a good result. Simplicity is best. A simple clean design more easily sticks in someone’s memory. With a memorable logo, your brand becomes more recognisable.

2. Relevance

Logos are a pictorial representation of the company. The designer has to find the best way to depict what the company is about. A daycare centre’s logo can be playful and colourful but that style won’t suit an architectural firm. Your logo must be relevant to your business. 

3. Versatility

Your company logo will be used everywhere — on products, stationery, promotional merchandise, advertising, you name it. You should be able to use it on various applications, in color or monotone, reversed out, in portrait and landscape formats, and be able to scale it in size. Complicated designs don’t work well against different backgrounds or in small sizes. Simple designs are easier to scale. 

4. Timelessness

You plan to be in business a long time, right? That’s why your logo needs to stand the test of the time. Choose a design that won’t date. You want it to look as good in 20 years, with just some minor tweaks to update it, if necessary. Remember, you customers identify your brand by its logo. They will adjust more easily to minor changes than a complete redesign. 

Designing a logo is a job best left to the professionals. Hunter & Scribe’s creative team of graphic designers can help. For all your design needs, contact us at [email protected].