Social media is an essential part of digital marketing. But not every small business succeeds in building a thriving social media profile. 

Posting regular content is important to grow your profile but the type and quality of the content are what make the difference in engagement. Posts with graphics fare better. According to Social Media Today:

  • Tweets with images receive around 18% more clicks and 150% more retweets. 
  • Facebook posts with images get 3.2 times more engagement.
  • Infographics boost traffic by 12% and receive 200% more shares. 

Even with limited resources, small businesses can create professional images. There are plenty of graphics tools and apps for the job. We picked 3 of the best tools to create eye-catching graphics for your social media posts. 

1. Canva

Canva is one of the most popular design tools on the market. Canva was launched right here in Australia in 2012 and today has 20 million users in 190 countries. There’s a reason they’re a leader in online design editing  — their platform is user-friendly and offers templates for Facebook posts, banners, posters, and much more. You can create good quality images quickly and for free. 

2. Pablo by Buffer

Social media scheduling app Buffer offers a graphics app that combines photos with text in a simple and quick way. Pablo is bare-bones and minimalist and that’s what makes it so easy to create pretty social media images in a flash. Choose the image size, pick a photo, drop in some text, and your post is good to go. 

3. Piktochart

Infographics are a great way to present detailed information and statistics in a visual way. And you don’t need to hire a graphic designer to create them. Picktochart turns you into the designer. There are hundreds of free templates and thousands of images to choose from. With Picktochart, you can also create presentations, reports, flyers, and posters. 

Never be stuck with bland and unimaginative social media content again. If you don’t have the time to design images, we’ll be happy to design your social media posts for you. Contact [email protected]