Writer’s block? Where to find fresh content marketing ideas for your small business

Tired of repeating the same old message to your customers? Ideas are everywhere… if you know where to look! But is content marketing really worth the effort for a small business? Absolutely YES. If done well, your content is the foundation of your business’s online image. If your customers/clients love the way you speak to [...]

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5 benefits of using humour in your small business marketing

“I think Smithers picked me because of my motivational skills. Everyone says they have to work a lot harder when I’m around” – Homer Simpson. What happens when we laugh? Other than the fact that our mental load feels lighter, and tension is released, producing pockets of humour in your small business marketing will help [...]

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3 reasons why you need to keep your content simple

You only have three seconds to create a good impression when you meet someone in person. The same goes for your online brand! This is why an effective marketing strategy includes simple, informative content that strategically builds a trusted relationship, and effortlessly steers the customer towards a final sale.  Here are 3 key reasons you [...]

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3 online tools to help you create better content

The most effective way for a small business to engage its target market is through relevant and consistent content. However, it can be difficult to come up with fresh ideas on a regular basis.  Fortunately, there are several useful online tools available to help you create better content and offer your customers the information they [...]

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How to beat writer’s block once and for all

However, if you handle all aspects of your business, including marketing, then writer's block is something you will encounter.  For your business to succeed, you need to come up with fresh content regularly – Hello writer's block! That's why you need this blog to help you beat 'the block' once and for all.  How to [...]

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5 mistakes small businesses make with their written communications

If you want your message to reach the eyes of potential clients for long enough to grab their hearts, you need to stop making these mistakes in your written communications right now.  Avoid these mistakes  You only talk about yourself. Every product or service that you offer meets a need. Instead of marketing your product [...]

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7 rules for writing effective web content

A lot of small businesses see their website as a kind of digital billboard. A place to advertise their wares and hopefully get the visitor to pick up the phone or hit that ‘add to cart’ button.  The problem with this approach is that if you're not offering valuable information on your site, search engines [...]

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How to write headlines that grab people’s attention

Among all the online clutter, it’s a headline that makes people stop scrolling and click. Only 2 out 10 people who see a headline go on to read a blog post. That means you could have an excellent piece of content but if you slap a poor headline on it, 80% of people will not [...]

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How to write Facebook Ads that generate sales

Facebook is Australia’s most popular social media platform – home to more than 17 million monthly users. Once upon a time, marketing your small business to these users was an easy and cheap process. First, set up a business page; then, increase your follower count by publishing interesting and relevant content. Job done.  Then the [...]

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How to make your content more SEO-friendly

Every small business needs to master SEO as part of their inbound marketing strategy. It plays an important role in lead generation. SEO-friendly content attracts the right visitors to your website or landing page. With the right visitors, you increase the chance of converting them to customers. Here’s how to make your content more SEO-friendly. [...]

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