Does my small business website need an FAQs page?

A website without an FAQs page is like Australia without kangaroos. It just isn’t right!   Every small business website needs a well-constructed marketing strategy. And that strategy must include a page on your website answering frequently asked questions. You may even find that it becomes one of the top-visited pages over time.  What should my [...]

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How many pages does my small business’ website need?

Your website plays a critical role in your business’s success. It’s the international ‘face’ of who you are and what you do, and it ‘speaks’ to customers on your behalf. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your website is sharing the right message.  You need to customise your website to best suit [...]

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How to create a landing page that converts

Unlike your home page, which aims to show people who you are and what you're all about, a landing page has one specific purpose – converting traffic into leads. Find out how to make sure yours does the job.  What is a landing page? There are two key components that go into a landing page: [...]

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The benefits of an FAQ Page (and how to write an amazing one)

When people click on your website, they are usually looking for something specific. They’re visiting your site with purpose and for a reason. Can you see it? Their eyes scan the headings and content, picking out the keywords they’re looking for.  You can help them find the right information by including an FAQ page. Why [...]

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How to craft a persuasive ‘About’ page for your website

Do you wholeheartedly trust someone you do not know? I don't think so. Trust is earned, so the saying goes. Helping people get to know you better would be the key to helping them trust you. The same applies to your small business. The best place to introduce your company and lay the foundation of [...]

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How to create a trustworthy website for your small business

Trust is priceless. Along with other values like efficiency, honesty, and reliability, trust is one of the pillars upon which you build your small business. And marketing helps you establish trust with your clients and customers, so that they feel safe supporting you and, if need be, sharing their personal information.  The long term goal [...]

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Is your web design scaring off potential customers (and how to fix it)?

Your website is your digital shopfront. Many customers today visit a company’s website first before making the decision to buy. Some small businesses underestimate the power of a website. A website that’s badly designed and hard to navigate can scare off potential customers. Here's how to avoid that. Keep the design simple and clean A [...]

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4 rules to bulletproof your website’s UX

If you’ve tried your hand at improving your small business marketing but to no avail - you might want to look a little shallower.  Turns out, the overall customer experience may overtake price and product as key brand differentiators. And one of the most important facets of customer experience? You got it - user experience.  [...]

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What is customer experience and why is it so important?

Customer experience is about how customers feel when interacting with your company. If they feel angry, annoyed, or frustrated, they’ll look for a better experience elsewhere. But if they’re happy and satisfied, they’re likely to stick with you.  What is customer experience and how does it differ from customer service?  You may think customer experience [...]

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The 4 must-have elements every small business website needs

If your business doesn’t have an online presence, growth is going to be slow. Ecommerce statistics show that 89% of customers start the buying process with an online search. That’s why every small business must have a website. For it to be an effective website, it must have these four elements.  1. Clean design A [...]

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