Government incentivising small businesses to hire apprentices

Small business owners who take on apprentices in 10 in-demand occupations may receive payments of up to $4,000 per employee. As of July 1, employers may receive up to $4,000, and apprentices up to $2,000, under the Additional Identified Skills Shortage (AISS) scheme, which was unveiled in this year’s federal budget. The apprentices must work [...]

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Hospitality and franchise small businesses being targeted

The Fair Work Australia ombudsman has promised that she will take a stronger approach to enforcement in the coming financial year. Sandra Parker said the government has given the regulator increased powers and more resources – and that she plans to use them. Her priority industries and issues in 2019-20 will be: Fast food, restaurants [...]

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Small businesses must pay award workers extra $21.60 per week

The Fair Work Commission has increased the national minimum wage by 3%, a decision that affects about 21% of the workforce. The decision, which takes effect on July 1, means that the new minimum wage will be: $19.50 per hour $741 per week $38,522 per year Last year, the FWC increased the minimum wage by [...]

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Single Touch Payroll gathering momentum, says ATO

About 40,000 businesses, including 15,000 small businesses, have started using the soon-to-be-mandatory reporting system. Thousands of small businesses have already switched to the Australian Taxation Office’s new payroll system. The ATO said that about 15,000 small businesses with up to 19 staff have voluntarily started using Single Touch Payroll. The system is already compulsory, as [...]

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Pay subbies on time, says ombudsman

Kate Carnell is investigating payment terms and conditions for subcontractors working on government projects. Australia’s small business ombudsman has written to seven government departments seeking information about their procurement and payment policies. It comes as Kate Carnell investigates payment terms and conditions for subcontractors working on government projects. Ms Carnell said subcontractors are vulnerable to [...]

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Billions of super waiting to be claimed

A quick visit to the MyGov website will help you discover if you have any lost or forgotten superannuation accounts. Small business owners could be among the many Australians who have missing superannuation accounts. As at 30 June 2017, there were about 6.3 million lost and unclaimed superannuation accounts in Australia holding $18 billion of [...]

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Fair Work Commission becomes more transparent

Small businesses should now find it easier to deal with the Fair Work Commission. Australia's national workplace relations tribunal is changing the way it approves enterprise agreements. The Fair Work Commission is amending its listing process and website updates to make the way it does business “more transparent, efficient and user-focused”. Under the new listing [...]

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Small business commissioner fights for subcontractors

South Australia wants to make it easier for subcontractors to get paid by principal contractors. South Australia’s small business commissioner has proposed new laws to ensure subcontractors receive prompt payment from principal contractors. Proposed changes include: Penalising principal contractors who try to intimidate subcontractors out of chasing payment Establishing alternative dispute resolution services Educating the [...]

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