How video can give your SEO efforts a boost

Video is quickly becoming one of the most important forms of content marketing. It’s a great way to generate leads, increase brand awareness and get customers’ eyeballs on your social media content.  But did you know that it’s also incredibly important when it comes to your small business’ website’s search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts?  Most [...]

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A short and sweet guide to video marketing

Content is king, but it doesn’t necessarily have to mean written content.  While a well-crafted editorial strategy is a great way to skyrocket your SEO, increase brand awareness and ultimately get you valuable leads and sales - video content can grant you all that and more. With video marketing, you’re trying to capture a space [...]

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5 tips to creating great video content for social media

It’s hard to believe that social media is just 23 years old with the first platform, Six Degrees, only being created in 1997. Since then it has changed how we all behave and communicate with each other.  None more so than in the world of small business marketing. It has removed the need for a [...]

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