How to market your small business on a small budget

Owning a small business feels like a juggling act, especially when it comes to managing budgets.  If cashflow is tight, operating expenses need to be squeezed.  While it can be tempting to cut marketing spend altogether, this isn’t wise. Marketing is essential to profitability and growth. It helps you generate leads, gain new customers and [...]

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5 ways your small business can improve its customer retention

The best way to grow your small business is to get your existing customers to keep coming back for more. But how? That’s where customer retention comes in. Your small business should keep marketing to those customers, to remind them you exist and keep giving them reasons to spend more money with you. Customer retention [...]

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Where should small businesses draw the line on pricing?

Price is the value attached to a product, so every pricing strategy should take into consideration market conditions, the target market, costs and the customers’ ability to pay. Knowing when to draw the line on how low or high you can go on pricing can be tricky.  Asking people to pay too much for your [...]

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When your small business should and shouldn’t outsource work

Outsourcing work as a small business helps you reduce costs and focus on your core work.  Reducing overheads frees up revenue – and, for the small business owner, can deliver an improved work-life balance. One of the risks of outsourcing is the potential loss of confidentiality and sensitive data, so all terms and conditions must [...]

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How to use discounts and freebies to win more business

In theory, running a special promotion for your small business is simple. Choose a product or service; decide the discount; promote it; and then watch the cash roll in as consumers beat a path to your door.  And yes, that is true – to a point. Freebies, offers and discounts do lead to an uptick [...]

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Why every small business should outsource work

It seems tempting to do everything in-house. After all, it’s not only cheaper, but you can control the quality. However, this is a temptation that small businesses should resist. After all, no one is good at everything. And no one has time to do everything. Outsourcing some tasks seems like a no-brainer – things like [...]

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How to find the right target market for your small business

Ask any small business in Australia who exactly they are marketing to and the most likely response you'll get is 'everyone’. Surely the wider you cast the net, the better the response will be – right?  Unfortunately not.  Marketing your small business to all and sundry is a recipe for wasted money and opportunity. Instead, [...]

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How to turn your small business into one big happy family

Most small business owners would agree on the benefits of creating a positive workplace environment – yet few take the steps needed to make it happen. Offering employment and paying a salary are great, but that alone doesn’t produce a happy, loyal and motivated workforce. Here are seven things to focus on if you want [...]

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Why your small business needs a mentor

Mentors are wise elder statesmen who have been there, done that. They can offer small business owners valuable advice to help them achieve their business goals. So it is surprising that so many small business owners don’t have a mentor. After all, even the best businesspeople have mentors: Steve Jobs was mentored by Mike Markkula [...]

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How to provide service that makes customers fall in love with your small business

One of the mistakes that small businesses commonly make is focusing all their efforts on acquiring new customers. While you do need a steady stream of leads to help your business flourish, this should not be at the detriment of existing customer relationships. In fact, studies show that it costs more to get new customers [...]

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