3 goals to pursue with your content marketing

We’ve covered a lot about content marketing in the past. After all, when it comes to content marketing for small businesses in Australia, we’re the experts! But for those of you that don’t know what content marketing is, here’s a definition:  Content marketing is all about creating, publishing and distributing content to your business’s specific [...]

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Will having a to-do list make you more effective as a small business owner?

Like many small business owners, you probably wish you had more hours in the day. The more you do, the less you seem to accomplish. That’s because being busy doesn’t necessarily mean being productive.  Productivity tips abound on the internet but there’s still one simple way to get more done – the humble to-do list.  [...]

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Does your small business need a business plan if it wants to grow?

Starting a business begins with an idea. That idea turns into a vision. To achieve that vision, you need a plan. Writing a business plan helps you plot the route you want your business to take. Without it, your business is rudderless —lacking direction. With it, your small business can grow 30% faster than those [...]

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The more bad clients you sack, the more good ones you can hire

Want to grow your small business? Then you need to dump your clients. That’s the message from Michael Port’s wonderful small business book, Book Yourself Solid. To clarify, Port isn’t advising you to dump all your clients – just your bad ones. The idea is that once your small business culls its soul-sucking clients, it [...]

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5 websites that every Australian small business should know about

Business is hard. It’s not enough just to make a profit – you also have to stay on the right side of numerous rules and regulations. Thankfully, the Australian government has made things easier for small business owners by creating five helpful official websites: Business.gov.au Australian Securities & Investments Commission Australian Small Business & Family [...]

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4 mistakes small businesses make with their pricing

Choosing the right pricing structure is so important for the health of a small business. The right pricing structure will satisfy both your customers and your bottom line. The wrong pricing structure will make it hard for your small business to make sales and/or profits. Overprice and you will lose sales; underprice and you will [...]

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Be like Bezos: obsess about your customers

Small business owners can learn a lot from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. That’s one of the conclusions that comes from reading Brad Stone’s fascinating biography, The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon. Amazon began life in 1994 as a small business start-up; today, it’s one of the greatest companies in the history [...]

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Ray Kroc proves that continuous self-improvement can yield big results

If you’ve seen The Founder, you might be forgiven for thinking that Ray Kroc, the driving force behind the growth of McDonald’s, owed his success entirely to luck. The story the movie tells is this: Kroc was a bit of a loser One day, he happened to meet the McDonald brothers He was impressed by [...]

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What’s the difference between managing and leading a small business?

As a small business owner you carry a lot of weight on your shoulders.  On a daily basis you have to battle cashflow, manage employees and come up with ideas to grow your business. Then there's the constant firefighting when things don't go to plan.  It's easy to get so caught up in managing your [...]

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3 mistakes small businesses make with outsourcing

If your small business is growing rapidly, one way to manage the growth is to hire new staff. Another way is to outsource.  If you choose the latter, make sure you avoid these common outsourcing mistakes that many small businesses make.  The advantages of outsourcing If your internal resources are limited, outsourcing is an effective [...]

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