How to use LinkedIn to recruit great staff for your small business

Hiring people can be a headache. It’s critical that you get the right talent so that you can grow your small business. Yet it's tough to find a skilled candidate, especially when you don’t have a dedicated HR team.  Enter LinkedIn – the professional social network. It’s quietly changed the role of recruiting in the [...]

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3 budget-friendly tools you can use to connect with your team

Productivity and efficiency have never been more relevant. Especially after a global pandemic.  In response to our craving for increased productivity and efficiency is a mushrooming of collaboration tools. But warning! Too many tools may do your business more harm than good. Here, we’ve shortlisted three collaboration tools that are not only useful but budget-friendly [...]

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How to prevent employee burnout

It can be tempting to push everyone in your team to keep going the extra mile, especially when deadlines are piling up. But rather than getting the results you want, you run the risk of your employees burning out. And that makes it harder for you to keep the best talent on your team.    What [...]

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5 things every small business owner needs to know about motivating staff

Every small business owner needs to have their “bag of tricks” to succeed. Competition is stiff and hard-fought-for, so we all have to engage in measures that give us an edge over our rivals. One of the most effective of these is your staff and team members. Keep them motivated and you’ll reap the benefits.  [...]

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Four things every small business owner needs to do to build a powerful team

Managing staff is one of the most challenging aspects of running a small business.  A poorly managed team can lead to low productivity that can hinder your company’s growth. But when managed properly, the right team can take your business to great heights.  Here are four principles every small business owner should follow when managing [...]

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Top 4 unethical behaviours in the workplace

When your small business recruits staff, not even the most rigorous interview process can tell whether the person is as ethical as they appear to be.  While most of your workforce may be honest, there are always going to be the few that engage in unethical behaviour. Here are 4 common unethical behaviours in the [...]

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Three lessons every small business needs to learn about team building

Strong teams build successful companies. For small businesses, you need an enthusiastic team to help your young business grow.  That’s why every small business needs to prioritise team building.  Here are three ways team-building can improve your company culture and increase employee engagement. 1. Builds manager-employee relations In many small businesses, there’s an invisible ‘us’ [...]

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How to turn your small business into one big happy family

Most small business owners would agree on the benefits of creating a positive workplace environment – yet few take the steps needed to make it happen. Offering employment and paying a salary are great, but that alone doesn’t produce a happy, loyal and motivated workforce. Here are seven things to focus on if you want [...]

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5 ways to make your staff feel valued

As a small business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your employees feel appreciated and valued. No one wants to work in an environment where their effort goes unnoticed and they feel that their position is constantly threatened. Employees are more productive when they feel valued. So if you’re interested in making [...]

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CEO wanted: dickheads need not apply

Your company needs a new chief executive so it decides to hire a hairy-chested alpha male. Big mistake. That’s one of the key lessons from the business classic Good to Great. The book’s researchers found that the best businesses aren’t led by superhero chief executives who crave the spotlight. Instead, they’re led by quiet, humble [...]

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