Why you should write content for your customers, not Google

By now, pretty much every small business out there knows that SEO is important. Many spend a good deal of time and money doing keyword research, and creating a marketing and content strategy based on that research.  And there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you're still creating content that actually helps your customers. [...]

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How can I use social media to improve my SEO?

Because your social media platforms aren’t hosted on your website, a lot of small businesses assume they don’t have any effect on your SEO, and should simply be treated as a separate marketing channel. We take a look at why that’s not necessarily true, how social media and SEO can complement each other, and ultimately [...]

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Why producing great content is so important for SEO

You’ve probably heard the expression, ‘Content is King’, and that compelling website content is vital for businesses of any size. But how does this tie in with SEO, and how can killer content help boost your search engine rankings?  What is content marketing?  Content marketing can be equated to something like an extremely subtle sales [...]

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How to use backlinks to boost your Google ranking

Search Engine Optimisation is a rather technical field that some beginners may find intimidating.  A good place to start off, however, would be with backlinks. What are backlinks? If you’ve stepped so much as half a toe into the world of SEO, no doubt you’ve come across backlinks. Backlinks are also often called hyperlinks or [...]

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How to make your content more SEO-friendly

Every small business needs to master SEO as part of their inbound marketing strategy. It plays an important role in lead generation. SEO-friendly content attracts the right visitors to your website or landing page. With the right visitors, you increase the chance of converting them to customers. Here’s how to make your content more SEO-friendly. [...]

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How to succeed with search engine marketing (SEM)

Increasing your small business’ online visibility is a necessity in today’s increasingly crowded marketplace. Everybody is competing for people’s attention, and if you want to grow your business then you might need to consider paid advertising – aka Search Engine Marketing (SEM)  SEM is a form of digital marketing in which you pay for your business [...]

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What is local SEO and why should I care?

Just when you thought you mastered search engine optimisation (SEO), along comes local SEO. What is local SEO and why is it important to my business, you ask? Here’s a quick explanation of local SEO and why small businesses should include it in their content marketing.  What is local SEO? When you run an online [...]

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How investing time and effort in SEO helped this small business succeed

Tom Martin owns and runs Water Tight Canberra, a small business that provides award-winning residential and strata plumbing maintenance services. His friendly and knowledgable team are well known in the Canberra community for the quality of their work and their excellent customer service.  From the get-go, Tom realised the importance of SEO in getting his [...]

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How small businesses can beat the big boys in SEO

If you’re a small business owner in Australia, you’d know how tough the competition is and how important small business marketing should be. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are over 2.1 million small businesses in Australia and counting. And for business owners, that means competing against a large market of industries just [...]

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Yoga studio getting great results from clever content marketing

Mandy Shearn is proof that small business leaders can achieve great marketing success despite operating with a limited budget. Mandy, who’s the director and senior teacher at Private Yoga Brisbane, leads a team of experienced teachers who have been handpicked to provide exclusive yoga and meditation lessons in the home, corporate office or chosen space. [...]

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