How to build a great sales team on a small budget

The success of your small business as a whole is dependent on every single person involved.  Your sales team, however - are your front of house, the first point of contact your customers are likely to have with your business, and the face of your company. Whether you’re a team of one or one hundred, [...]

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The pros and cons of using cold calls to make sales

It’s the end of a long day running your small business. You’ve put your feet up and the phone rings. Your anger rises as you realise it’s another salesperson wanting to sell you “Australia’s cheapest insurance”. You’d be hard-pushed to find anyone who likes cold calls. Customers dislike receiving them. Then there are the poor [...]

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How to optimise a landing page for traffic conversion

Most small businesses focus their online marketing efforts on driving traffic to their website. While a high visitor count can be a nice ego boost, it distracts from the bigger picture. Namely how many of those visitors convert into customers.  Traffic conversions are important as, simply put, you’re in business to make money. To that [...]

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The more bad clients you sack, the more good ones you can hire

Want to grow your small business? Then you need to dump your clients. That’s the message from Michael Port’s wonderful small business book, Book Yourself Solid. To clarify, Port isn’t advising you to dump all your clients – just your bad ones. The idea is that once your small business culls its soul-sucking clients, it [...]

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Attention small business owners: what message is your body language sending?

Body language is said to represent more than half of the communication we do. So your mannerisms are really important when you’re dealing with existing and potential clients. Business relationships are all about communication, as your small business marketing and sales efforts are about conveying information to your target audience. So your small business shouldn’t [...]

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Dale Carnegie’s timeless advice will make you better at business

If you want to read a book that will not only improve your business skills but also make you a better person, try How to Win Friends & Influence People. Dale Carnegie’s international bestseller, which was published in 1937, provides timeless advice on human behaviour. Carnegie’s insights will help you better understand your clients, suppliers, [...]

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How to know if your small business is making a profit

Running a small business can be an intensely stimulating and enjoyable experience. But it all counts for nought if the business isn’t making a profit. A surprisingly large number of small business owners don’t know the true state of their company’s finances. Here are seven indictors you should be across if you want to understand [...]

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Stop asking new customers to marry you!

Picture this. You walk into a bar. You spot a good-looking man or woman across the room. So you walk up to them and ask them to marry you. Sound like something you’d do? Probably not. Yet small businesses do this all the time with their customers. You meet a new prospect. You do a [...]

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How graphic design can help your small business

Why does graphic design matter? Why do small businesses need to invest in good graphic design? How is this going to help you in the long run? Graphic design and a strong brand identity provide your small business with the look that it needs to make a strong impression.  Good graphic design makes your clients [...]

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Why every small business needs great graphic design

It only takes the human brain seven seconds to form an emotional opinion when you first meet another person. This first impression then shapes your ongoing relationship. That’s why you don’t wear a beer-stained Metallica top to an interview, no matter how cool you think your music taste is. First impressions of small businesses are [...]

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