Government reforming tax and procurement rules

The federal government will introduce new measures on July 1 to thwart small businesses that participate in the black economy. From the new financial year, small businesses will no longer be able to claim deductions if they fail to comply with their tax withholding and reporting obligations. This measure is aimed at small businesses that [...]

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New tendering rules offer “some security” to small business

The federal government is about to begin a new procurement regime that should offer some benefit to small businesses. From 1 July 2019, businesses that tender for government contracts worth more than $4 million must obtain a statement of tax record showing satisfactory engagement with the tax system. This new regime also applies to first-tier [...]

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WA levels the playing field for small business subcontractors

Western Australia is aiming to reduce unfair business practices by boosting the powers of the small business commissioner. The Western Australian government has tabled changes to the Small Business Development Corporation Act 1983 in parliament. The proposed reforms will allow the government to establish a specialised investigations and inquiry unit within the Small Business Development [...]

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ACCC wants to give small business greater bargaining power

Australia’s competition watchdog wants to give small businesses the legal right to collectively bargain with suppliers and processors. The ACCC has proposed issuing a ‘class exemption’ to the small business sector to allow it to collectively negotiate without the risk of breaching competition law. “The proposed class exemption would apply to businesses and independent contractors [...]

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Qld small businesses promised faster payments

The Queensland government has made two big promises to local small businesses ahead of Queensland Small Business Week. First, the government said it would reduce invoice payment times from 30 days to 20 days for small businesses, as of 1 July 2020. Second, the government said it would set a target for government procurement from [...]

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