Why printed marketing has never been more effective

Before the internet, you’d get home and your letterbox would be full of letters, catalogues and flyers.  These days - not so much. Most of those printed communications have gone digital in the form of emails, banner ads and SMS blasts. Print, apparently, is dead, which is why so many people believe that printed marketing [...]

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Why your small business should invest in flyers

Digital marketing may be becoming more and more popular, yet many small businesses in Australia are still getting impressive results from print flyers. Here’s why your small business needs to seriously consider investing in flyers as well. Flyers are cost-effective Most small businesses should be able to afford a flyer campaign. Designing, printing, and distributing [...]

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The pros and cons of print marketing

While most people believe that print marketing is slowly dying out, there is still so much potential for small business marketing in print.  Done properly, brochures, flyers, postcards, posters and booklets can serve as an eye-catching form of small business marketing. However, before venturing into print media, it is important to determine what type of [...]

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Small business marketing itself through radio, print and digital

The Armidale Pet Shop and Aquarium has found two clever and effective ways to market itself. The first is radio advertising, which not many small businesses would be game to try. The second is placing a blackboard out the front of the shop, which “always brings new and old customers in”, according to owner Bradley [...]

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Clinic investing in smart marketing to bring clients through the door

Newcastle Performance Physiotherapy is using quality service and quality marketing to grow its business. Newcastle Performance Physiotherapy delivers rehabilitation services for athletic injuries, painful problems and complex, persistent pain – an offering that differentiates it from its rivals. “We are the only clinic in our area with physios who are also qualified strength and conditioning [...]

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How to design effective business flyers

Your small business can design a pretty good flyer in-house. But if you’re willing to invest a little bit of money, you can outsource the job to a professional and get great flyers. If you get your flyers right the first time, the marketing your small business does will be much more effective. So spending [...]

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The Beechworth Bakery is a marketing machine

It scarcely seems possible, but there’s a small business in a small country town in Australia that’s doing more marketing than many big businesses in big cities. The Beechworth Bakery is based in the Victorian town of Beechworth, although it also has outlets in seven other locations. “We operate a network of family-owned destination bakeries [...]

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Regular marketing bringing in regular sales for growing small business

My Yoga Well is a small business that is using the power of marketing to go from strength to strength. “We give people the chance to step out of their busy lives, and find greater wellbeing in their body and mind through yoga,” owner Ali Briggs-Miller says. “We help people discover their own capacity for [...]

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The pros and cons of using graphic design templates

Graphic design is one of the most in-demand services today, because small businesses need graphic designers for their marketing campaigns. However, to save money, more and more small business owners have been using graphic design templates, rather than hire designers. With so many templates available online, there’s an ongoing debate about whether it’s better to [...]

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