Should small businesses use LinkedIn?

Your small business needs a marketing strategy. This means that you, as the owner of a small business, need to devise a plan to promote your brand. And, today, that often means using social media.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be using every social media platform going. Why’s that?  Well, one of [...]

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5 ways to up your small business’ LinkedIn marketing game

Are you feeling the squeeze? Small businesses around Australia are vying for attention in a crowded online marketplace. So, how can you make your brand win the marketing game?  The answer is simple – market your brand properly on every platform your customers are on. Today, we’re going to focus on LinkedIn for small business [...]

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4 tips for building a strong personal brand on LinkedIn

As you represent your small business better than anyone else, building a strong personal brand is a must when it comes to marketing. One of the best social media platforms to do that is LinkedIn. Posting helpful, interesting and relevant content will increase your exposure to potential leads while also establishing you as a thought [...]

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5 easy ways for small businesses to market themselves on LinkedIn

Does your small business operate in B2B? Are you customers white-collar professionals? If you answered yes to either of those questions, your small business needs to be active on LinkedIn, because it can be a really effective platform to market your small business. Why? Because most of your customers will be on LinkedIn – and [...]

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The quick guide to social media marketing for small businesses

“What should my small business post on social media? And how often should we post?” These seem like simple questions, but the answers aren’t so straightforward. You want your posts to be interesting, but you also want them to be educational. Engaging too little is a classic small business marketing mistake; but engaging too often [...]

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