How to use Facebook Messenger to generate sales

What would be the features of your dream small business marketing channel? For us, it should: Reach out to millions of potential customers (without costing a fortune) Let you interact with people on an individual level  Be one of a customer’s preferred modes of communication  Encourage them to pull the trigger on a purchase  Have [...]

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Small business marketing itself through radio, print and digital

The Armidale Pet Shop and Aquarium has found two clever and effective ways to market itself. The first is radio advertising, which not many small businesses would be game to try. The second is placing a blackboard out the front of the shop, which “always brings new and old customers in”, according to owner Bradley [...]

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Award-winning small business gets state-wide media coverage

Like most small business owners, Richard and Melanie Smit have to juggle multiple roles. To most people, they’re known as the owners of Big Bite Dutch Treats, which bakes the best stroopwafels and traditional Dutch treats. But, they joke, they also serve as administrators, bakers, cleaners, packers, customer service officers and motivational speakers (mostly to [...]

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Small business owner kicking goals with Facebook marketing

Yeppoon Garden and Pet Supplies is a small business that provides a diverse offering to its customers. ‘The Green Shed’, as it is affectionately known by residents of the Queensland small town, is a retail store that sells stock feed, garden supplies, pool supplies, chemicals and fish, and also has a nursery. That wide range [...]

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How to promote your small business on Facebook

As a small business owner, it’s a given that you should be using social media to promote your business. Of all the platforms, Facebook is the best known and the biggest. In Australia, it has 15 million monthly active users (60% of the population), of which 50% use it daily. In the good old days, [...]

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The quick guide to social media marketing for small businesses

“What should my small business post on social media? And how often should we post?” These seem like simple questions, but the answers aren’t so straightforward. You want your posts to be interesting, but you also want them to be educational. Engaging too little is a classic small business marketing mistake; but engaging too often [...]

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The Beechworth Bakery is a marketing machine

It scarcely seems possible, but there’s a small business in a small country town in Australia that’s doing more marketing than many big businesses in big cities. The Beechworth Bakery is based in the Victorian town of Beechworth, although it also has outlets in seven other locations. “We operate a network of family-owned destination bakeries [...]

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Meet the small business owner with bookings out to 2021

Heidi Schaefer has turned Bodyworks Massage Newborough into an incredibly successful small business since buying it 14 months ago. The Victorian clinic is so popular that it’s fully booked for the next three months, and even has bookings out to 2021. Bodyworks Massage Newborough mainly does muscular correction work, as well as alternative therapies. So [...]

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Regular marketing bringing in regular sales for growing small business

My Yoga Well is a small business that is using the power of marketing to go from strength to strength. “We give people the chance to step out of their busy lives, and find greater wellbeing in their body and mind through yoga,” owner Ali Briggs-Miller says. “We help people discover their own capacity for [...]

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How to use Facebook Groups to boost your small business

As a small business owner you might be wondering if Facebook is worth your energy anymore. There might be 15 milllion monthly active users in Australia – but getting your posts seen by any of them feels nigh on impossible. The harsh reality is that organic reach on Facebook is dead.  Or is it?  Let [...]

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