The pros and cons of paid social media ads for small businesses

Did you know that over 80% of Australian’s are Facebook users and around 50% are on Instagram? There is an active audience on social media, but also a discerning one. Social media is a competitive arena when it comes to advertising and small business owners need an effective strategy.  Every upside has a downside and [...]

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5 tips for writing effective Facebook ads

Did you know there are over 60 million active business pages on Facebook? Find out how to make sure yours stands out with compelling ads that convert!   Why small businesses should consider advertising on Facebook One of the great attractions of Facebook, especially for small businesses, was the lure of free publicity. Unfortunately, the platform [...]

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Why you shouldn’t buy followers or ‘likes’ on social media (and what to do instead)

A large following on social media is sometimes seen as the holy grail of content marketing. The more followers, the more impressive a brand is perceived to be. Some small businesses may be tempted to resort to unethical means to inflate their numbers by buying fake followers. This is a risky move that can backfire [...]

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Everything you need to know about advertising on Facebook

You can’t expect to catch a fish if you don’t throw your net in the water. So advertising is vital for small businesses. But, gone are the days when you could just place an ad in the local paper and think that’s enough.  Facebook’s recent data shows that there are now 15 million people in [...]

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Is Facebook dead for small businesses?

Organic reach has steadily been declining on Facebook as they tighten their algorithms. In fact, the average organic reach on Facebook is now a mere 1% to 6%. If you want your posts in front of more eyeballs, you have to pay for advertising. For small businesses with limited budgets for paid advertising, is Facebook [...]

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How to build your first 1,000 Facebook followers

The first phase is always the most challenging.  Your first job, your first business, your first launch, and your first foray into social media.  But persevere past the pitfalls, and you’ll soon be on your way to smoother sailing. One area where many small businesses face this challenge is with their Facebook account.  Getting your [...]

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How to write Facebook Ads that generate sales

Facebook is Australia’s most popular social media platform – home to more than 17 million monthly users. Once upon a time, marketing your small business to these users was an easy and cheap process. First, set up a business page; then, increase your follower count by publishing interesting and relevant content. Job done.  Then the [...]

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How to grow your Facebook group without paying for ads

Growing a Facebook following takes time. Sponsored ads are one way to attract followers but not every small business can afford to run frequent campaigns. You’ll have to learn how to attract them organically.  Here’s how to do that without paying for ads. Why every small business needs a Facebook group Facebook groups are an [...]

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How to use Facebook Live to grow your small business

While many marketers and small business owners know the basics of social media marketing, Facebook Live is a relatively new outlet which may still seem mysterious to some.  What exactly is Facebook Live? YouTube, Instagram and Facebook have all implemented live streaming features - a feature that was practically nonexistent until the past few years.  [...]

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What small businesses need to know about Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising is the most targeted form of advertising in existence. And it can work well if your small business goes about it the right way. But there are pros and cons attached to it. These are: Pros Fine-Tuned Targeting. Facebook offers targeting and retargeting options that enable you to show your ads to your [...]

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