Why every small business should segment their email marketing lists

If your small business has an email marketing list, you have an advantage over those that don't. Email marketing significantly increases conversion rates. It also decreases unsubscribe rates.  While social media marketing is still an important part of a content marketing plan, McKinsey & Company found that email is nearly 40 times more effective at [...]

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How to create a great email signature

We might see them all the time, but we don’t often appreciate the power of the humble email signature. In the digital age, the email signature has taken the place of the business card of old. It gives you the opportunity to create a lasting impression, and even snag a new customer. So let’s take [...]

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How to grow your email marketing list

For all the effort that you put into your small business’s website, blog and content marketing - one of the most rewarding and instantaneous metrics you can get is your email marketing list. Your email marketing list is a list of people who subscribe to your newsletters because they want to receive more information from [...]

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How to make your emails stand out in a crowded inbox

Regardless of all the new social media channels which may sprout up from day to day, email campaigns are still an integral part of marketing. However,we live in a time when most people's inboxes are being flooded by truckloads of emails each day. That means it’s easy for your campaigns to get lost in the [...]

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How to write good email subject lines

A great email subject line can help your small business’ marketing emails stand out in a crowded inbox. But, you only have one line of text so how can you make it sing? How do you get the reader to click on your email and not one of the others seeking attention? Before you start [...]

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How to write brilliant email pitches that grow your small business

Cast your mind back to the pre-internet era when emails didn’t exist. It’s amazing to think how small businesses functioned, let alone flourished, without it. To generate extra business for your products or services, you had to hit the phone hard.  Then email came along.  Each day, more than 100 billion marketing emails are sent [...]

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Common email marketing fails (and how to fix them)

Email marketing can be a really effective way of attracting the attention of potential and existing customers. It’s a low-cost way of reaching people somewhere where they visit every day – their inbox. When it’s done well it can deliver a great return on investment, driving traffic to your website, generating leads and increasing sales. [...]

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How to succeed at email marketing

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of digital marketing tools there are. When you’ve got limited resources, it’s difficult to decide which are right for your small business. Like a kid with new toys, it’s easy to be tempted by the likes of Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and the like.  As a small business, [...]

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Do automated email campaigns really win new clients?

If your small business is looking for new ways to market itself, well-designed automated email campaigns may be something you want to explore. Automated emails are easy to implement and can be highly effective at attracting new customers and nurturing existing ones.  Here’s how to use automated emails to win clients and grow your small [...]

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How to craft a great marketing email (that converts!)

Maybe you think you’ve got the marketing end of your small business all sorted out - your website’s as SEO-optimized as can be, and your social media accounts are looking spiffy.  But don’t make the mistake most small businesses in Australia tend to do - neglect their email marketing.  Whichever stage your small business marketing [...]

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