Inbound vs outbound marketing: pros and cons

Inbound marketing is magnetic – it tries to draw customers to you, and start a conversation. Outbound marketing is interruptive – it goes out to find the customer and sell to them. Which is right for you? Should you be doing both? Let’s find out!   What is inbound marketing? Inbound marketing asks the customer to [...]

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What is PPC and why should I care?

The digital marketing scene comprises so many different subcategories and strategies it’s almost impossible to keep track.  Nevertheless, it’s still one area most small business owners prefer to DIY to save costs. If that’s you, you’ve most likely heard of PPC. What exactly is PPC? PPC stands for pay-per-click, an advertising model where advertisers pay [...]

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The real estate agency at the top of their marketing game

For a masterclass in small business marketing, look no further than Independent – an award-winning full-service real estate company operating within Canberra and the surrounding regions.  As their full trophy cabinet attests, Independent is on top of their game and not just with their marketing. They’ve led the ACT real estate market in performance and [...]

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The real estate agency with a laser-sharp digital focus

Capital Residential is a boutique real estate agency focusing only on sales, operating in the Canberra region. And what makes them particularly interesting from a marketing perspective, is their embrace of all things social.  “We customise clever, cost-effective marketing strategies that achieve premium results through maximum exposure” Director and Residential Property Specialist Cory McPherson says.  [...]

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Art Classes Brisbane shows why targeted marketing is a winning strategy

As Debra Pickering experience shows, successful small business marketing is all about getting the right message to the right person at the right time.   She’s Director of Art at Art Classes Brisbane, which provides high-quality art tuition for beginners and advanced artists alike. Their small and intimate art classes take place in a relaxed and [...]

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Yoga studio getting great results from clever content marketing

Mandy Shearn is proof that small business leaders can achieve great marketing success despite operating with a limited budget. Mandy, who’s the director and senior teacher at Private Yoga Brisbane, leads a team of experienced teachers who have been handpicked to provide exclusive yoga and meditation lessons in the home, corporate office or chosen space. [...]

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How to retarget your visitors and drive them back to your website

Converting a website visitor into a customer seldom happens the first time. That’s why repetition is important in marketing.  On average, consumers need exposure to a brand seven times before they take the step to purchase.  Retargeting encourages visitors to return to your website to buy your product.  What is retargeting Let’s say you’ve browsed [...]

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Five digital marketing tools to grow your small business

Whether you’re a new small business or you’ve been around for some time, digital marketing can help you increase your sales. When you have a small business, it’s vital that your brand is as visible as possible. The bigger your digital footprint, the more attention you’ll get from prospective customers. That’s where digital marketing comes [...]

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How to know if your small business is making a profit

Running a small business can be an intensely stimulating and enjoyable experience. But it all counts for nought if the business isn’t making a profit. A surprisingly large number of small business owners don’t know the true state of their company’s finances. Here are seven indictors you should be across if you want to understand [...]

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What is Google Ads and why should I care?

Whether your small business is selling products or offering services, Google Ads can help you reach potential customers as they search on Google. Google Search provides two types of results: paid and organic (or free). When you do a search, Google finds thousands of relevant websites and ranks them according to a complex algorithm that [...]

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