Why trust is the secret to generating sales

There’s little doubt that customers are more likely to buy a product or service from a business they trust. In a PwC survey, over 70% of consumers saw trust as the most important factor when buying from a brand.  But in a world of online scams and deals that really are too good to be [...]

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What your small business needs to know about website security

You might think that only big businesses need to worry about cybersecurity. But the fact is, small businesses are often a target for hackers. The reason why cybercriminals like small businesses is because the owners often don’t think they have anything of value worth stealing; as a result, they’re often unprepared for cyberattacks. Research has [...]

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Small businesses losing millions to email compromise scams

“This scam can be devastating to a business’s bottom line – to the extent of forcing small and medium businesses into closure.” Small businesses and other Australian businesses are increasingly being targeted by scam activity. Australian businesses reported more than 5,800 scams in 2018, according to the ACCC’s Targeting scams report. Losses exceeded $7.2 million, [...]

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Big friend comes to the aid of small business

Australia’s cyber defences just received a boost, in a move that will make it harder for hackers to penetrate small business websites. The government’s new Cyber Security Strategy will protect small businesses, according to Kate Carnell, the Australian Small Business & Family Enterprise ombudsman. Ms Carnell said the government’s strategy is timely given recent cyber [...]

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“Cyber security needs to be taken seriously”

The small business ombudsman has published a new guide to help SMEs protect themselves from cyber threats. Small businesses now have a new resource to help them understand cyber threats and protect themselves from attack. The small business ombudsman published the Cyber Security Best Practice Guide in response to research that showed that 60 per [...]

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Cyber ignorance “one of the biggest threats” for small businesses

The federal government will provide grants of up to $2,100 to small businesses that want to test their cyber security. Small businesses have been told to treat cyber security as seriously as they treat the physical security of their premises, property and staff. Small business ombudsman Kate Carnell told the 2017 Security Exhibition and Conference [...]

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