How to get more customer reviews for your small business

Reviews are the new ‘word of mouth’. Research shows that the majority of online shoppers trust the experiences detailed by other consumers, and their purchase decisions are made based on this feedback.  So how do you get your customers to review your small business to help boost your reputation and sales? What are the benefits [...]

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5 ways to use customer reviews in your marketing

People trust reviews and your business needs social proof. In the context of small business marketing, this means there is proof that someone has purchased what you are providing and has found value in it. Social proof inspires trust and can give you that X-Factor over your competition. It is free marketing, and it is [...]

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What is customer experience and why is it so important?

Customer experience is about how customers feel when interacting with your company. If they feel angry, annoyed, or frustrated, they’ll look for a better experience elsewhere. But if they’re happy and satisfied, they’re likely to stick with you.  What is customer experience and how does it differ from customer service?  You may think customer experience [...]

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When should you move from customer acquisition to customer retention?

Attracting new customers is hard work. Once you have them, don’t make the mistake of letting them slip through the net. So many small businesses focus singularly on customer acquisition, completely unaware of the importance of customer retention. If you’ve heard these two buzzwords, you may wonder how they differ or question when the best [...]

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How to convert angry customers into raving fans

We’ve all had our experiences with unhappy customers - even more so if you’re the one-man or one-woman show of your own small business.  Yet somehow, we always trip over our feet and get worked up when a complaint comes in. How should one actually go about dealing with angry customers? There’s no perfect method, [...]

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Why customer churn happens, and how to stop it

Customer churn refers to customers who stop doing business with your company. To determine your company’s rate of churn, divide the number of customers lost during a period by the number you started with. If your customer churn is high, your marketing strategy is not striking a chord with customers. Why does customer churn happen? [...]

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Why testimonials are great for business

It’s Saturday lunchtime, and you’re looking for a bite to eat in a new town. One of the restaurants is full of customers, while another is completely empty. Which do you go into? If you’re like most people, you’ll wait for a table at the busy place rather then take your chances at the empty [...]

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How to provide dependable customer service

As a small business owner, you might have all the confidence in the world when it comes to what your business has to offer.  But are you confident in the way you’re able to deliver your product or service? No matter how good your product or service, somewhere out there sits a competitor waiting for [...]

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The power of proactive customer service

We all know that good customer service is the cornerstone of all successful small businesses. Good customer service keeps your customers loyal so that they come back again and again. These happy customers are also more likely to personally recommend your small business to their friends and family. And this word-of-mouth marketing is one of [...]

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How to get more online reviews for your small business

What makes or breaks a potential customer’s decision to buy something online?  Most of the time, it’s the reviews.  With no tangible way to see the product or service they’re about to fork out for, buyers look toward honest reviews to make sure their purchase will be an informed one. Having honest, real reviews can [...]

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