Five ways to write persuasive app store descriptions

When you upload your app to any of the app stores, you’ll create a store listing page with videos, screenshots and descriptions.  The information on this page must be compelling and informative to persuade users to click the install button.  So here are five ways you can make the app descriptions more persuasive: 1. Write [...]

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Three reasons you should customise your newsletters

Any small business owner can tell you that their customers and newsletter subscribers are a mixed bunch of people. And yet many of them still send their subscribers the exact same newsletter despite technology making it easy to customise these newsletters.  So if you’re one of those small business owners still sending out generic newsletters, [...]

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Writer’s block? Where to find fresh content marketing ideas for your small business

Tired of repeating the same old message to your customers? Ideas are everywhere… if you know where to look! But is content marketing really worth the effort for a small business? Absolutely YES. If done well, your content is the foundation of your business’s online image. If your customers/clients love the way you speak to [...]

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Want more sales? Appeal to your customer’s emotions in your content marketing

Ever made a spur-of-the-moment impulse buy? We all have. And the reason we give in is almost always because the messaging around the product grabbed us by the feels.  Humans are driven by their emotions - particularly when it comes to purchasing decisions. That’s why the best marketing is aimed at customers’ hearts, not their [...]

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What’s the difference between a good headline and clickbait?

‘Your bank manager doesn’t want you to see this!’. ‘How this single mom started earning 6 figures overnight! (Steps inside!)’. ‘Shocking new pics of (insert celebrity name here) you won’t believe!’.  We’ve all seen them, and probably fallen for them a couple times too. Headlines that are designed to spark our curiosity, but invariably lead [...]

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How to create an email newsletter your customers will love

Small businesses need to spend their marketing budget wisely to ensure the highest return on investment.  Email marketing is an efficient and easy way that you can level up your small business marketing by directly reaching out to your customers, expanding your client base, and creating a good reputation. However, curating and crafting an email [...]

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How to craft a persuasive ‘About’ page for your website

Do you wholeheartedly trust someone you do not know? I don't think so. Trust is earned, so the saying goes. Helping people get to know you better would be the key to helping them trust you. The same applies to your small business. The best place to introduce your company and lay the foundation of [...]

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How to repurpose your old content to get new traffic

You’ve invested time, sweat – possibly tears and probably money – into ensuring you keep adding content to your website on a regular basis. That’s awesome, and remains a cornerstone of good small business marketing.  But what’s happening to your old, outdated content? And how can you get it to start working for you again, [...]

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Why producing great content is so important for SEO

You’ve probably heard the expression, ‘Content is King’, and that compelling website content is vital for businesses of any size. But how does this tie in with SEO, and how can killer content help boost your search engine rankings?  What is content marketing?  Content marketing can be equated to something like an extremely subtle sales [...]

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Why creating visual content is crucial for your small business

The amount of content created daily is staggering. Instagram users upload around 70,000 posts every minute. YouTube has 400 hours of new video uploaded every minute. Both of these platforms have a high engagement rate. Why? Because they are visual and visual content attracts more attention.  The different types of visual content  When creating content, [...]

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