5 rules for a memorable business card

Not all business cards are created equal.  Some end up tossed in the trash. Others are destined to collect dust in the recipient’s drawer Lucky ones get bookmarked immediately. Though seemingly insignificant, your business card is more than just a means of swapping contacts.  It’s someone’s first impression of your business (and you!), and as [...]

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7 guerilla marketing ideas for small businesses

Guerilla marketing is marketing that involves unconventional, ultra-cheap marketing tactics. It is an ideal form of small business marketing because it doesn’t require much money – only a hefty dose of creativity and imagination. With that in mind, here are seven guerilla marketing ideas your small business might want to try. The doctor's office Anytime [...]

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The three golden rules of great business card design

As a small business owner, a business card should be an integral part of your marketing arsenal.   When done well, a business card punches above its weight considering its size and cost. It gives the recipient a favourable first impression of your company, and differentiates you from the competition. A badly designed card is a [...]

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5 of the best business cards of all time

Business cards may be small in size but, if designed properly, they can make a big marketing impact. Marketing and branding can be tricky, especially for a small business. Business cards can be a cost-effective way to make your target audience aware of your brand. That means it’s important to choose a design that is [...]

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