The secret to writing the best blogs. Every time.

Many small business owners know that blogs are useful marketing tools. But not many have taken the time to investigate the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of the art of blogging for business. And who can blame them? They have businesses to run. So what is the big deal with blogging anyway, and how does it play [...]

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How to fall in love with your blog again

It’s not unusual to tire of blogging.  In the beginning, the benefits of blogging, like how it can attract traffic to your website, had you pumping out content every week.  Sustaining that, however, is tough. Writing regular content is time-consuming and thinking of new topics becomes increasingly difficult. It also takes a long time before [...]

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Is blogging still relevant for my small business?

Blogs require regular posts to be effective. That makes them time-consuming. You may wonder if it’s worth the time and effort considering there are more instant ways to reach people online, such as Twitter, Facebook Live, and Instagram Stories.  While those channels are great, successful content marketing includes a mix of content delivered through various [...]

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How to get more people to read your small business blog

Logistics, tech, real matter what industry you’re in, your business can benefit from a blog. And benefit immensely, at that. We’re long gone from the time when blogging was merely a creative outlet. Now, any good long-term marketing strategy worth its salt will feature blogging as a core tenet. For small businesses now, some [...]

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Five tips to writing a great blog post

Writing a good blog post takes practice. Copy that isn’t well thought out won’t achieve your goals of increasing website traffic and conversion rates. When creating blog posts, the following formula delivers better results in terms of readership and engagement. 1. Choose the right topics Pick topics relevant to your business and useful to your [...]

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Blogging vs podcasting – which is better for your small business?

The key to successful content marketing is regular content creation. Blogging is one proven way to grow your online visibility. But there’s another often overlooked tool in your digital armoury — podcasts. What is a podcast? A podcast is a digital audio file that can be listened to or downloaded on a device like a [...]

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How to tell good written communications from bad

Good writing isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone.  As a small business owner, you communicate with staff, clients, and potential customers. Bad written communication can impact staff productivity, weaken client relations, and cause you to lose potential new customers.  Here’s how to tell good vs bad written communications.  It’s written with the reader in [...]

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How to use guest blogging to drive traffic to your website

As any savvy small business owner knows, regularly publishing content is an effective strategy to attract visitors to your website. For most, this takes the form of a company blog.  One of the hardest tasks in blog writing lies in keeping the content fresh. We’ve all been guilty of falling victim to a ‘she’ll be [...]

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The 5 secrets of good writing

So, you think you’re a good writer because you use big words, long sentences and industry jargon? Sorry, but you’re actually a bad writer. Good writers think of their audience and try to keep things simple. Bad writers think of themselves and try to sound profound. The purpose of writing is to express ideas. Effective [...]

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5 tips small businesses should follow for better website management

A business website is the most hardworking tool you have at your disposal when it comes to small business marketing.  It’s your identity online, a place to boost credibility, and direct people to for more information. A good website acts as a 24/7 salesperson that never takes a break, generating leads and closing deals. Yet [...]

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