The federal government has created a “more user-focused website” to make it easier for small businesses to “find the services they need to grow, prosper and create new jobs”.

According to, there have been four main changes:

  • The website looks better
  • It is now easier to navigate
  • The content has been updated “with an emphasis on practical and step-by-step tasks”
  • Users will now find it easier for find the most relevant information

The revamp was recommended by the Small Business Advisory Group, which suggested five ways to improve the website:

  • Turn the website into a “trusted, one-stop shop” for small businesses
  • Improve the quality of the website’s content
  • Make it easier for small businesses to find information
  • Encourage intermediaries to refer small business clients to
  • Adopt a mobile-first approach when conducting tech upgrades

Karen Andrews, the Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, said the improvements are part of the government’s commitment to the small business sector.

“We know that successful small businesses are essential to a strong and diverse economy. That’s why the government is making it easier for businesses to get the information they need to get ahead, to expand and to create more jobs,” she said.

“Small business owners are often extremely time-poor, so the Morrison government is making sure they have easy access to practical information and the government support they need.”