The best form of marketing is a great product and great customer service, and that’s exactly what The Cheeseboard delivers.

This Brisbane-based small business practises affinage (the process of maturing cheese) with Australian cheese for both cellar-door and wholesale customers.

Affineur Wendy Downes says the reason The Cheeseboard stands out is because it works with, develops and promotes high-quality Australian artisan cheese.

The Cheeseboard markets itself through Instagram, Facebook and a newsletter, but it finds its best marketing is actually the value it provides to customers.

“Our passion is sharing the best of our local cheese and its story,” Wendy says.

“This means that we not only provide attention to each and every cheese in our caves, but also work with our customers to ensure they are getting the best quality available. 

“Our personalised approach of working with producers and educating customers is reflected in our social media content.  

“Concentrating on providing a high-quality product, sharing our cheese knowledge and respect for the producers and customers is our most successful form of marketing.”

Marketing and integrity go hand in hand

Wendy says The Cheeseboard gets excited when one of its social media posts gets a lot of interest.

However, getting new customers through word-of-mouth is also exciting.

“It means we are on the right track,” she says.

“It is a gentle approach, but that is important to ensure our integrity and commitment to quality, our product and the local artisan cheese industry.”

More marketing would generate more interest

Like all small businesses, there are things The Cheeseboard could do to make its marketing even better.

“Our biggest challenge would have to be keeping up to date and regular engagement with social media platforms. The platforms themselves and the way people engage are always evolving. Keeping current and posting regularly can almost be a full-time job,” Wendy says.

“We need to get the word out there. We need to use a range of marking tools to tell our community that we have amazing locally made cheese. If they want to learn more, all they need to do is visit us and try it for themselves.”

Photo credit: Cheri Desailly Photography