Have you recently started a small business? Are you trying to figure out how to tell Australia all about it, but you’ve got a limited marketing budget?

Don’t despair. Effective small business marketing CAN be done on a tight budget. Digital platforms have opened up many opportunities for effective marketing to targeted audiences. You can market your business from Melbourne to Darwin without breaking your budget. 

3 key steps to marketing a small business on a tight budget

You’ve got your logo, branding, services and products. Now it’s time to get them ‘out there’. There are three key steps to set up a solid marketing platform that you can leverage for years to come. 

The first thing you’ll need is a website

Websites don’t have to be expensive. The secret to a good website is Search Engine Optimised (SEO) content. This content should take customers on a journey that ultimately leads to sales. While this sounds ‘simple’, a skilled copywriter is the best person to put this kind of marketing content together. It is well worth the investment as it will serve as a sales funnel for years to come. The content can also be re-used on brochures, banners, and other marketing material.

The second thing you’ll need is a digital marketing plan

Digital marketing makes the best use of a limited budget. Handing out printed flyers only gets you ‘so far’, and it’s difficult to measure the effectiveness. Digital marketing can be measured, tweaked, and continually improved to get the best results for your money. 

A smart digital marketing plan will use social media, Google ads, and newsletters to target relevant customers. You can tweak your website content for use in these campaigns. 

Over time, you’ll see how well your website content and your digital marketing plan can work together to drive sales.

The third thing you’ll need is TIME

You can market a small business effectively with a small budget. But your greatest investment will be your TIME. Writing good SEO content, and developing a strong marketing plan requires a fair amount of research. You will also need to implement the plan and monitor it to make the most of every cent you invest. 

If you’d prefer to focus on what you do best – your services and your products – then chat to the professionals at Hunter & Scribe. They will put together a customised plan to suit your budget. Get in touch here: [email protected]