The Armidale Pet Shop and Aquarium has found two clever and effective ways to market itself.

The first is radio advertising, which not many small businesses would be game to try.

The second is placing a blackboard out the front of the shop, which “always brings new and old customers in”, according to owner Bradley King.

The Armidale Pet Shop and Aquarium sells pets, pet accessories, fish and aquariums to Armidale and the wider community. It’s a family business that has been independently owned and operated for more than 30 years. 

Marketing hits and misses

This regional NSW small business also does social media marketing, print marketing, content marketing and even face-to-face marketing.

The list of marketing channels includes Facebook posts, Facebook ads, flyers, banners, media releases and networking events. 

Bradley says he’s not a fan of advertising in the local paper, because its readership is dwindling, and he’s not a fan of catalogue marketing either, because more catalogues seem to end up at the local tip than in letterboxes.

What’s the number one thing the Armidale Pet Shop and Aquarium needs to do to improve its marketing? “Reach out to more people,” Bradley says.