Many small businesses question whether it’s best to handle social media in-house or outsource the task. 

To help you decide, here are the pros and cons of both. 

The pros of doing social media in-house

  • Cost is often a deciding factor when small businesses decide to manage their own social media. Assigning this role to a PR or marketing manager means no additional budget is necessary.
  • Managing social media in-house has the benefit of immediacy. Any new product launches, events or company news can be posted immediately, and you have quick access to recent photos or videos. Any negative public feedback can also be handled promptly.

The cons of doing social media in-house

  • Social media may seem like an easy task to manage internally, but small businesses soon realise that the day-to-day management is more time-consuming than they expected. Outsourcing can free up time and resources and make your team more productive.

The pros of of outsourcing social media

  • Internal staff are sometimes too close to the brand and become short-sighted. Outsourcing brings a fresh perspective and a broader view of trends in the market as well as on social media. A good digital agency has the expertise to guide your social media strategy so you remain relevant and shift direction when needed.
  • Social media experts are schooled in how to measure and interpret social media metrics. They’ll be able to spot upward or downward growth, identify posts that perform well and recommend ways to boost engagement.  

The cons of of outsourcing social media 

  • An agency is not as immersed in the brand as internal staff and may miss the mark occasionally when representing the brand. This can be remedied, though. To work successfully with a digital marketing agency requires time and commitment to training them on all aspects of your brand. In time, they will come to fully understand your brand’s positioning, personality, and customers.

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