Template Letters

How to improve your client communications.

Template Letters

Want to say the right thing at the right time? Then create a collection of template emails you can copy/paste.

Whether you’re a mortgage broker, buyer’s agent, real estate agent, financial adviser or builder, there are a dozen or so conversations you have again and again. These include:

  • When a potential client initiates contact with you
  • When a client asks how to solve a specific problem
  • When a client asks why they should work with you
  • When a client is late with their invoice
  • When you initiate contact with a potential referral partner

That’s why your business should build a collection of template emails. Professionally written template emails will help you:

  • Save time – because you won’t have to write the same email again and again
  • Cut through – because they’re clear, concise and well-structured

Go through your sent items for the last 12 months. Make a list of all the conversations you’ve had more than once, and are likely to have again in the future. Finally, get a professional to write the correspondence in advance.

That way, when the time comes, you can immediately copy/paste a high-quality email.

Stop stressing about your writing problem.

Dump it on an expert and get high-quality template letters written for you today.

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