Social Media Content Writing Services

How to use social media to generate leads.

Social Media Content Writing Services

You know how you use social media in your personal life? Well, so do your clients.

One of the most important rules of marketing is to hang out wherever your clients hang out – and one of the places they hang out is social media communities.

Which social media communities? Well, that differs from business to business. If your clients are business professionals, they’re probably hanging out on LinkedIn. If they’re less ‘corporate’, they’re probably hanging out on Facebook.

These days, there are so many social media content creators in Australia – and you need to be one of them if you want to reach those clients. If you don’t have the time or ability to write your own content, Hunter & Scribe, a social media content writing agency in Sydney, Australia, can help.

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Social Media Content Writing for Financial Services

The best social media posts are educational and helpful, because that makes you look like a trustworthy expert. For example:

  • A mortgage broker might publish the latest property and finance news
  • An asset finance broker might give updates about the economy
  • A buyer’s agent might compare different property investing strategies
  • A financial adviser might discuss the ins and outs of SMSFs
  • A credit repair agency might offer personal finance tips

Social Media Content Agency

Social media marketing involves more than just creating content. You should also respond to comments and questions on your posts, as well as liking, sharing and commenting on other people’s posts. That’s a great way to build relationships with potential clients (and referral partners), before you’ve even met them.

The more active you are on social media, the more attention you’ll attract and the more authoritative you’ll seem.

That said, social media isn’t a magical lead-generation machine.

Yes, there are lots of Australian property and finance businesses that attract clients from their social media activity. But only because they’ve made a consistent, long-term effort.

Social media marketing can be a very effective long-term marketing strategy, but it rarely works in the short-term.

How to generate leads from social media

Hunter & Scribe, which has considerable experience with social media management in Australia, has identified the number one thing you need to do to succeed on social media.

That’s to establish yourself as a trusted authority figure.

Imagine, for example, you’re a property manager. Investors would much rather entrust their valuable asset to the ‘trusted authority figure property manager’ than ‘just another property manager’. And buyer’s agents would much rather refer their precious clients to the standout PM than one of the thousands of property managers in the market.

The moment other Australian social media users regard you as a trusted authority figure is the moment everything changes. Because, from that point, you’ll find it much easier to attract clients and referrals.

So how do you become a trusted authority figure? There’s only one way. You need to publish quality content … and do it regularly … and do it over the long-term. Unfortunately, you won’t achieve success with sporadic social media posts, because that won’t give you the opportunity to establish the visibility and credibility you need. The only thing that can do that is a large catalogue of content – and the only way to build that is to consistently publish social media posts on an ongoing basis.

Remember, though: social media is not a magical lead-generation machine. Whether you work in property or finance, social media marketing can help you generate a lot of business – but you only get out what you put in. To succeed, you need to commit to creating content over the long-term.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the time or skill to write your own social media posts. Hunter & Scribe can help. We specialise in social media content writing for financial services, including social media marketing for mortgage brokers. Get in touch to discuss how our social media content writing services could help your business.

Stop stressing about your writing problem.

Dump it on an expert and publish quality social media posts today.

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